Rasmus Fenhann

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SAKYU bench, Exhibited at San Simpliciano in Milan Italy, on the
MINDCRAFT18 exhibition 2018
HYOMEN outdoor bench, Exhibited at Designmuseum Denmark on the annual
SE exhibition called "Side by side - outside" 2017
Ratio, Kubo and Cluster tables at the Design Without Borders Exhibition in
Budapest 2017
"Thin/ Maple" tables at the MSF Exhibition, "Unfolds"
at Designmuseum Denmark 2017
"Thin" tables at the SE Exhibition, "Pitch Black" 2016
"Ratio" table at the Re-Form Exhibition, 2016
Hikari Contrahedron Commissioned by Designmuseum Denmark, 2015
"Cluster" table at the Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition, 2015
"Japanometry"Solo exhibition at Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris 2015
"Laptop"sofa, presented atThe Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition, 2014
"Recycle" Boxes, presented at Trapholt Art Museum 2014
"Tansu-reused"bench, The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition, 2013
"Workstation" table, presented at Trapholt Art Museum 2014
"Hexagon"Chair, presented atThe Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition, 2013
"Hexagon" stools, presented at Trapholt Art Museum 2012
"Loong" Bench, presented at Trapholt Art Museum 2011
"DATA" Presented at the International Woodwork Exhibition 2010
"Laptop" Loungechair, Presented at Trapholt Art Museum 2010
"Kubo" Tables and "Hikari" lights, presented at CC14 Crafts Collection 2010
"Clips" Chair, presented at Bella Center 2009
"Kubo" tables, presented at Second Nature exhibition 2009
"Hikari" lights and "Kubo" tables. presented at 100% Design London 2007
"Kubo" tables, presented at Designmuseum Denmark 2007
"Niwa" bench, presented at Cabinetmakers Autumn exibit 2006
"Dan Türell" cabinet, at Tasmanian Crafts fair 2006
"Hikari" lights, presented at "Danish", Embassy in Berlin 2007
"Hikari" lights, presented at "Danish", DDC 2007
"Hikari" lights, presented at "AERO", Solo exhibit Designmuseum Denmark 2005
"Dan Türell" cabinet, at "10 years" exhibition Designmuseum Denmark 2002
Graduation works, presented at Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2003
"Wood light", presented at "Dialog" exhibition 1998
"Touch Wood" exhibition 1997