Rasmus Fenhann

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Solid Oregonpine 195 x w 84 x h 34cm
A wide bench made of pieces of solid Oregon pine glued together. The three-dimensional pattern on the surface was created with a CNC milling machine and subsequently hand-finished with Japanese planers and profiled scrapers. The legs are made of two wedge-shaped pieces of Oregon Pine, joined with sliding dovetails in European walnut. Finally, the surface was sanded and finished with lye soap.

‘Sakyu’ is Japanese for sand dune. The wavy pattern is based on sine curves, which can be calculated mathematically and are found throughout nature. The pattern creates an interesting interplay of light and shade and is reminiscent of the lines made by the waves on a sandy beach or by the wind sweeping the large sand dunes in the Sahara Desert.

The three-dimensional pattern also provides an interesting tactile experience, and the soft curves makes the pinewood seat pleasant to use. The Japanese title reflects the important role of Japanese craftsmanship and culture as a source of inspiration in Fenhann’s work, including the meditative quality of taking the time to experience and observe the characteristics and tactility of materials.